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We offer the best probate attorney you can find in Sullivan county.

Since the establishment of our firm, Probate Lawyers in Sullivan County, we have been giving our 100 % to serve our clients in the most effective ways possible. We directly address the issue our clients have been trying to avoid or minimize the probate process as much as possible.

The primary objective of a Probate lawyer at Sullivan County is to help our client draft a will or a trust best suited for the situation they are in, make plans with regard to the inheritance of assets and healthcare in case of incapacity, and keep our clients updated with the progress of the probate and guide throughout the process.

Probate lawyer Sullivan County is genuinely dedicated to removing the burden of responsibilities our clients have been carrying. We treat every client like our own family and fight to provide justice for each and every one of them. Rest assured, your legacy is in safe hands, even in your absence. Probate Lawyer Sullivan County Being one of the most reputed legal firms, we have encountered hundreds of problems, solved all of them, and over time have developed a brief understanding of what problems you might face and knows exactly what to do to solve that problem for you.

Can't you handle the legal work of probate on your own? Let the professionals do it for you.

Allow us to handle your legal proceedings so you can unwind and take a moment to relax! Probate lawyer Sullivan County will address all your requirements with precision and with the least amount of your involvement; we will ensure that you are covered throughout all legal proceedings and have the most hassle-free experience.

Probate Lawyer Sullivan County has the most advanced and experienced legal experts in the entire Sullivan County. Our services include drafting a will or trust depending on the types of assets, estate plans, power of attorneys, guardianship, Estate Litigation, drafting living trusts, living will, and Medicaid if the client’s health is at risk, as well as sharing necessary intel and progress reports with both you and your beneficiaries.

Free consultation 24/7

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Probate lawyer Sullivan County has been delivering the best services to our clients all over Sullivan County and resolved countless issues of all kinds and problems related to probate.

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Our legal experts will help you arrange and handle the documents required for the probate process. They will even draft documents like a will or power of attorney for you if the need arises.

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Why are our services better suited for you than other firms in Sullivan County?

Probate Lawyer Sullivan County is concentrated on meeting the needs of its clients with an excellent legal service approach that provides value. We are aware that value for clients goes beyond a simple hourly pricing comparison. Value entails effective tracking and reporting procedures, advanced strategies for lowering legal risk, improved cost certainty, and RESULTS.

Unlike other firms in Sullivan county, Probate lawyers at Sullivan County listen carefully and build relationships with our clients and work to educate them on their legal needs. We believe we can solve any issue when we are familiar with our clients and their objectives and once our clients are aware of their legal environment.

In order to live up to the reputation of being the best firm, Probate Lawyer Sullivan County carefully plans and works attentively to deliver innovative solutions to client’s objectives and concerns based on their needs and issues. Our first priority is always to avoid probate. In cases where probate is necessary, Probate Lawyer Sullivan County’s experts try their best to handle the probate on their own without needing the client to bother or involve the client only when it is necessary.

With every representation, our staff is focused on attaining the desired results. Our staff centers the litigation strategy at every level on the outcome, unlike some firms that would pay attention to the subsequent step in the process. The strategic procedure for each case includes concentrating on the client’s intended outcome.

Why should you consider choosing us?


For several years, Probate Lawyer Sullivan County has been home to our lawyers. They have dealt with hundreds of cases. They are aware of how the systems in Tennessee and Sullivan County operate. Our team uses that expertise to help every client and find solutions to their problems.


Our firm’s lawyers excel at all business, tax, and estate planning, as well as probate and other legal processes. If you hire a lawyer from Probate lawyer Sullivan County, you will work with a lawyer who has a vast amount of expertise in resolving legal issues like the one you are currently facing.


In order for our firm to mirror society, Probate Lawyer Sullivan County promotes people to senior positions regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or orientation. One of the guiding principles of our company is to maintain and increase the diversity of our personnel. Probate lawyer Sullivan County actively searches for various individuals. In order for our team members to connect more freely, we ensure that each one of them has access to challenging work assignments and the chance to deal with clients who have similar cultural backgrounds.

Personalized assistance:

We employ a hands-on strategy. You won’t be sent off to another person if you require to talk to us. In order to meet each client’s unique legal needs, we approach them as individuals rather than just another case number. You can openly state the issue you are facing or anything you are concerned about.


Each group member is expected to approach each case with a sense of ownership over the clients and outcomes. With the combined experience of the Probate lawyer Sullivan County team, we successfully give clients the focus and dedication they demand and deserve. By collaborating and planning with our clients to address their requirements and goals, we aim to give a valuation approach to each case.


In probate disputes where a will is contested, our experts have a solid history of winning disputes and obtaining favorable outcomes for our clients. We take great pride in the endorsements we’ve received from other lawyers as well as former and present clients.

How we work:

It is best to have a prior plan and operate in a systematic manner for better results; our work pattern consists of 5 phases.

Getting connected with you-

In the first phase, we got contacted by the client via a phone call or email, where they described their issue. After going through the intel they provide, we evaluate the situation and then appoint a suitable attorney for the phase next phase.

Assess your requirements-

In this phase, our appointed attorneys examine the situation of the client. They ask them if there are any special requirements like drafting a living will, living trust, Estate planning, power of attorney, guardianship, Estate Litigation or trust, etc. Our attorneys will also inspect the documents and inform the client if there are any documents pending. They even give suggestions and advice best suited according to the current situation of the client to avoid probate.

Starts proceeding according to relevant laws and procedures-

After assessing the requirements and arranging all pending documents now, it’s time for the third phase. In this phase, our team will start the paperwork. They carefully examine all the documents to identify which laws or terms and conditions will apply, what are the possible outcomes, and what should be done in order to avoid the probate process and fulfill the requests of the client.


In this phase, our team informs the client about the progress done so far and asks if they are satisfied with the progress or if the client wishes to make changes or wants to add something else. If the client approves, the next phase will take place; otherwise, changes will be made until their approval.

Receiving the outcome-

This is the last phase. In this phase, the outcome gets revealed by the court, and this is the time when our team’s hard work speaks for itself, and our work officially finishes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A living will is a written statement about the medical treatment you would or would not want that is to be followed if you cannot make your own health care decisions. For example, a living will typically set forth end-of-life medical treatment wishes. The living will help you say “yes” to the treatment you want and “no” to treatment you do not want, even when you are not then capable of verbally expressing your wishes. Without a valid living will in effect, there may be disputes among families, which can lead to expensive and lengthy litigation and medical treatment you may not desire. By executing a living will, you can be assured your wishes will be known, honored, and your family will have peace of mind in making difficult decisions.
A will or inheritance is resolved by the court through probate. A will is proven in court to determine whether it is factual and legitimate enough to be accepted and carried out. However, the procedure may be a protracted, arduous battle, and you’ll need a probate lawyer to help you navigate it in Sullivan County. Before your possessions and assets are distributed in accordance with your last Will and Testament, your estate plans or will both first need to be approved by a probate court. The probate laws of the state where the decedent resided at the time of death and any other states where the decedent possessed property determine every step that must be taken in probating an estate.
A will-based estate plan contains a comprehensive list of guidelines for how your assets should be distributed after your death. It includes a clause that allows you to name a guardian to your underage children if you have any.
In estate planning, trust is crucial. Through trust, you can assign management and decision-making authority over your assets to anybody you want, whether they manage them while you’re living or deceased or when you lose mental capacity.
Probate might take weeks, months, or even years in particularly complicated circumstances, depending on the intricate nature of the decedent’s final will and testament and the existence of legal issues in their personal papers. The activities of persons named in or connected with the inheritance in question can also affect how long probate takes.
You might be able to avoid the probate procedure by creating a living trust. When you establish a living trust, a part or all of your assets and property are transferred into a safe trust that is managed by a trustee or named personal representative. The Living Trust enables the trustee to distribute the assets and property included in the trust after death just as if the decedent were still living.